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Our educational projects

StudioWC is dedicated to educational architecture.
See that dedication shine through a sample of our work below.
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Rancho Elementary Case Study

This project included a complete campus modernization with added new construction, including an administration expansion and new 6-classroom building.

Pride Academy at Prospect Avenue School New Learning Resource Center

Folding glass walls between spaces punctuate the flexible design of this new Learning Resource Center

Euclid Elementary School Whole Site Modernization

As part of Propositions S, Z, and YY, a comprehensive campus modernization, new 2-story classroom building, and a new Administration addition will bring meaningful change and enhanced function to this school

Pacific Beach Elementary School Whole Site Modernization

As part of Propositions S, Z, and YY, a comprehensive campus modernization includes a 2-classroom addition, as well as construction of a new, 4-classroom Kindergarten complex

San Ysidro High School New CTE Building

The new, 8,000 square foot CTE Building at San Ysidro High School will have a center construction space, which will accommodate students learning for both the Cabinetry, Millwork and Woodworking Pathway, and the Residential and Commercial Construction Pathway.

Lakewood Aquatic Facility Case Study

StudioWC provided full architectural design services from schematic through construction administration for new pool complex and relocated sports facilities.

Crown Point Junior Music Academy Whole Site Modernization

Crown Point Junior Music Academy Whole Site Modernization

Modernization of Crown Point Junior Music Academy will provide the required spaces per District Educational Specifications and standards, as well as improve relationships between support spaces and classrooms.

Chet Harrit Classroom

Plaza Vista K-8 School Modernization and New Classroom Building

Extensive reconfiguration of existing interior spaces and the addition of a new 2-classroom music building provide much needed updates at Plaza Vista K-8 School.

Deerfield Elementary School Modernization and New Classroom Building

In addition to the new, 4,160 square foot music classroom building, Deerfield Elementary School's existing food service was modernized and expanded to double it's original footprint in this Measure E-funded project.

Rancho Elementary School Modernization and New Classroom-Media Center Building

Extensive modernization and site improvements at Rancho Elementary School, in addition to a new Classroom and Media Center building.

Chet Harritt Case Study

The result of this new location and building design is a cohesive site plan that delivers a desirable new “face” to the campus and visual enhancement for the community.

Chet F. Harritt School Classroom Addition, New Learning Resource Center and Child Care Buildings

Chet Harritt School's campus footprint is greatly increased with a new 17,000 square foot middle school building and new 1,920 square foot child care building.

Brywood Elementary School Modernization

Brywood Elementary School Comprehensive Modernization

This comprehensive modernization includes a full reimagining of the campus, creating clusetered classroom Villages, and contemporary, 21st Century learning spaces within a challenging building footprint

Sweetwater Union High School District Master Plans

StudioWC completed comprehensive site master plans for five schools at Sweetwater Union High School District

Joan Sparkman Alternative Educational Center Modernization

Accommodating two high schools within one large campus - Rancho Vista High School and Susan H. Nelson High School, this campus is also integrated with CSU San Marcos at Temecula. Careful planning was required during modernization to ensure the safety of the students, while fostering the progression into the CSUSM Temecula college program.

Temecula Middle School Modernization

This campus-wide summer sprint modernization not only updated aesthetics, but improved site access and security in several unique ways.

Rancho San Joaquin Middle School Music Classroom

This former kitchen area was completely transformed into a modern music classroom and support space. Our staff carefully observed construction to ensure coordination of our design vision with the District's design standards and Educational Specifications.

Foothill High School Gymnasium Modernization

This multi-phased campus-wide modernization encompassing a wide array of scope items. The existing gymnasium was completely renovated and updated, in addition to Building 1 of the campus having received an extensive upgrade to its HVAC system, as well as overall building modernizations, including new ceilings and lighting.

pepper drive school pro

Pepper Drive School New 10-Classroom Building

The new 10-classroom building at Pepper Drive School serves as the home of the middle school students of this K-8 school. This project was the first phase of a multi-phased, comprehensive campus improvement.

Pepper Drive School – New Administration and Learning Resource Center Building

Joint use administration, library and technology building, which added collaborative learning spaces, replaced the existing poorly located building. Although the project, had a tight budget, it is a resounding success.

Ocean Knoll Elementary School

As part of a District-wide endeavor to bring each of its nine schools into the 21st Century, funded by local Proposition P, the Ocean Knoll Elementary School modernization was a multi-phased project focused on technology and energy efficiency.

Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School Energy Upgrade

Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School – Energy Upgrade

We worked with EUSD to upgrade the existing roof to an Energy Star Cool Roof. The mechanical units are SEER 15 and above, with two large units over SEER 20. Each classroom and space will get new Solatubes and the electrical lights will be converted to A/B switching with a photocell.

R. Roger Rowe School Reconstruction

This school is located in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, home of Lillian Rice, a renowned architect. We worked closely with the RSF Review Board in RSF to build a beautiful new school in the traditional Mission Revival style typical of Rancho Santa Fe.

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