Name: Pacific Beach Elementary School
Scope: Whole Site Modernization and Classroom Addition
Location: San Diego, CA
Owner: San Diego Unified School District
Sq ft.: Modernization 36,330 | New Construction: 8,287

The whole site modernization of Pacific Beach Elementary School will provide the required spaces per District Educational Specifications and standards, as well as improve relationships between support spaces and classrooms.

A new four-classroom Kindergarten building will improve campus flow and free up one centrally-located existing classroom to be converted into a makerspace.

The reconfiguration of the existing Administration Building will create a new and flexible staff lounge and work room, as well as several new support offices and enlarged storage.  The existing kitchen will also be updated and expanded.

The site will need significant grading work to address multiple accessibility issues, as well as incorporate a new fire lane.  The front entry to campus will be updated to include a single point of entry for increase site security.

Construction of this phased project is tentatively slated to start in Spring 2023.