Joan Sparkman Alternative Educational Center

Project Scope

Comprehensive High School Modernization
Temecula, CA
Temecula Valley Unified School District

Joan Sparkman Alternative Educational Campus accommodates two high schools within one large campus – Rancho Vista High School and Susan H. Nelson High School. This campus is also integrated with CSU San Marcos at Temecula. The complex nature of the campus required careful planning during modernization to ensure the safety of the students, while continuing to foster the natural progression into the CSUSM Temecula college program.

The modernization is a comprehensive modernization to bring the facility to current TVUSD goals and priorities, which are to ensure that all students attend state-of-the-art schools that are clean, safe, attractive and free of distraction. This creates a sense of pride and ownership. Centralized technology as well as wireless technology are being deployed to support the district’s goal of a one-to-one tablet model for active learning. Significant upgrades as also being made to the science program and classrooms to ensure that the spaces adequately support the rigorous curriculum, established by TVUSD, even at the Alternative Education Campus.

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