Name: Sycamore Canyon School
Scope: New Learning Resource Center and Child Care Building
Location: Santee, CA
Owner: Santee School District
Sq ft.: 11,000

The 6,000 SF LRC building at Sycamore Canyon School is designed to serve the school’s TK-6th grade student population, providing a new library, classroom, and support spaces. The sizable new Library space features multiple entry points, different zones for grade-level groups (low book shelving and raised reading platform for the younger students while tall shelving, flexible furniture, and a flat-panel TV for the older students), a centralized circulation desk for optimal supervision. Common core curriculum is enhanced as the library is connected to a large, flexible makerspace classroom, both physically and visually, using a folding glass wall to divide the spaces. With this concept, students could flow directly from research-based learning in the library into project-based activities in the makerspace. The need for support spaces is ever-changing, so there are several smaller spaces adjacent to the makerspace. With folding glass walls to provide the utmost flexibility and maintain line of sight supervision, these rooms can flex as needed, either as office space, additional collaboration space for the main classroom, or a combination of both. High ceilings with clerestory windows and floating ceilings span the length of the building, adding an architectural statement to the space and create a cohesive, open feel.

The new approximately 5,000 SF preschool and childcare building includes three individual classrooms, interior student restrooms, and a small kitchen.

Further enhancing these new buildings is the inclusion of various outdoor learning spaces. Garden areas with raised planters are located on each side of the LRC building, encouraging outdoor learning and expanding the site’s gardening program.