Chet F. Harritt School

Project Scope

New Classroom, Learning Resource Center, and Child Care Buildings
Santee, CA
Santee School District

Chet F. Harritt School’s campus expands by nearly 20,000 square feet through this extensive new construction project.  The largest addition comes in the form of a 17,000 square foot middle school building.  This new building houses a new Learning Resource Center (library), an Innovation Lab/Makerspace with access to an exterior learning courtyard, two middle school science classrooms with a shared workroom and access to dedicated outdoor courtyards, and four standard middle school classrooms.  The unique architecture of this addition increases its impact as it is comprised of two parallel curving buildings, separated by an exterior corridor and translucent covered canopy system.  This design respects the existing round buildings of the campus while adding a contemporary flair through details like metal cladding, angled “V” columns, and a glass curtain wall entry.

A new 1,920 square foot Child Care Building will also be added, with its own dedicated outdoor area.  There will also be an interior expansion and remodel of the Admin space, including a new exterior entrance canopy.


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