Name: San Ysidro High School
Scope: New NJROTC Building and Robotics Modernization
Location: San Diego, CA
Owner: Sweetwater Union High School District
Sq ft.: New Construction: 4,335 | Modernization: 2,038

With consideration of the existing site constraints in mind, the new JROTC area at San Ysidro High School allows for future expansion of a growing program while addressing issues experienced today. The addition of the 5th modernized relocatable sets aside multiple restrooms and changing areas while allowing for ample storage with multiple levels of security for high value, pilfer-able items. The designated area for offices allows instructors to council cadets privately as needed while also giving a clear view for the observation of the drill field and physical training area.

For the Robotics modernization, the reconfiguration of an existing teacher’s lounge, located on the third floor of Building 800, allows easy access for the current robotics program, currently taught in the adjacent science lab, Room 8301. Capturing this 657 square feet creates a permanent home for the programs practice arena, while giving multiple storage options for the secure keeping of the team’s designs while they test them throughout the year prior to competitions. The installation of a passageway door between the two classrooms allows the instructor to easily monitor both areas simultaneously.