Name: Euclid Elementary School
Scope: Whole site Modernization and New 2-Story Classroom Building
Location: San Diego, CA
Owner: San Diego Unified School District
Sq ft.: Modernization 51,313 | New Construction: 29,500

Modernization of Euclid Elementary School will provide the required spaces per District Educational Specifications and standards, as well as improve relationships between support spaces and classrooms. Buildings will be modernized with new finishes and abandoned equipment will be removed. Classrooms will have existing casework removed and replaced with flexible furniture. All support and security technology will be added to classroom, offices and support spaces and the site.

Modernization of the existing campus will provide some of the required spaces per District standard, but there will need to be additional new construction to right-size this school. Main buildings on campus will be extensively modernized including new finishes, casework, and removal of abandoned equipment. All support and security technology will be added to classrooms, offices and support spaces, and the site.

The Multipurpose Room will receive new fit and finishes, and the kitchen will be reconfigured and modernized. A new addition to this building will also be added to house a new Administration space, shifting it to a practical location off of busy Euclid Avenue, and creating a safer, single point of entry. All doors and frames are replaced and receive card reader access, while windows and frames are replaced and will have dual-pane glass with internal blinds. The recently constructed two-story classroom building will receive very minor upgrades. A new two-story, 15-classroom building will be constructed on the southeastern corner of the site. The first floor will serve as a self-contained, 7-classroom Kindergarten / TK complex, while the second floor will house 8 upper-grade classrooms and circulation.
The site will incorporate a relocated staff parking lot, a new fire lane, new asphalt, and grass play fields. A reconfigured visitor parking and drop off is proposed along Orange Avenue. There is a new pedestrian ramp accessed from Polk Avenue to aid with Kindergarten campus access.

Construction of this phased project is tentatively slated to start in Summer 2023.